Friday, February 17, 2006

News Review (3 of 6): Climate Contrarians (Funny Animation, Chevron Interview, Crichton)

In the increasingly absurd world of the climate contrarian amusing things are happening. Michael Crichton, a writer( creator of Jurassic park) and general ignoramus, has just won himself an award, from the association of petroleum geologists, for his valuable work of fiction, that 'debunks' this whole climate change thing that a few lefties seem to be so determined to fool us all with!

The BBC managed to make chevron look pretty foolish in a recent interview, the BBC are really getting more educated about this and aren't taking bullshit like they used to.

There is a nice little flash animation here if you want something to laugh at, there is no point arguing with so called climate skeptics, you cant persuade someone about something the wrongs of what they are being paid to say, laughing is less frustrating.

Getting back to reality briefly, January 2006 was the hottest year on record for the USA. You may have noticed this...I`ve seen it mentioned on quite a few blogs.

postscript; Climate Change, NewsA

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