Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Video of the Week: Extreme Weather Events and Human Health-Focus on Heatwaves

This week's recommended video is "Extreme Weather events and Human Health". This is a really good video about the effects of climate change on humanity. You may have heard the world health organization figure for the number of deaths climate change caused during 2004-150,000- and this is predicted to double in the next ten years. But this is just deaths from communicable diseases, not from heat stroke or other means of death due to extreme weather events such as extended droughts, typhoons, hurricanes etc. In 2003 a record drought occurred in Europe, a drought so extreme that after statistical analysis of data across Europe the event was concluded to be impossibly severe without taking into account climate change, it was such an outlier its chances of occurring without climate change where roughly 1 in 10'000. There is also a powerpoint presentation for this talk, which I opened and read as the presentation was given.

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