Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Campaign against Climate Change: The year ahead

Now that I`ve been working in the Campaign against Climate Change for a few days I thought it was time for a brief update. Bellow is a list of the activities that we have in mind for the coming year.

Apart from thinking about what the group are doing as far as activities go, and considering how we work better with our groups I`ve been quite occupied with many far more prosaic activities (which are what have got me thinking). I`ve added a long backlog of contacts to our mailing lists, both from previous events and from the website. In the next few days I will probably be largely creating new materials and editing old ones so we have something to work with to promote the 3rd June and 4th Nov events at upcoming marches/meetings/talks that we are involved with.(the plan for the year is below...)I`ve just been talking to Phil about what the group are upto over the coming year, here are my findings. Some of these are provisional and purely intended to let you know that 'this event will most likely be happening during this part of this month'.

16th-19th: Greenparty Conferece (Scarborough)
18th March: Stop the War March (London)
19th March: Phil talks to IFEES (Islamic environmental group)
23rd March: London activists meeting
24th-29th March: Karachi WSF (?)
xxth April: Nairobi Meeting
19th April: Stop EXXON Protest
20th April: London activists meeting
4th-7th May: ESF Meeting ( particularly useful for organizing events with eastern European countries, several western NGO's will also be represented)
29th May (Kingston Green Fair)
4th June: Camden Green Fair
(assessing progress of organizing the march and outreaching to more groups)
17th June: SANE Energy march, promoting green energy, protesting against nuclear
17th June: FOE Big Ask and Day of Action for local groups and protest against nuclear power.
26th Aug-4th Sep: Camp for Climate Change
8th-10th Sep: Foe Conference
21-24th Sep: Greenparty Conference
11th Oct: FOE Lobbying MP's on the Big Ask
11th Nov: Protest in Africa

Anyone got any comments on this? I`ll start with a few of my own.

I was under the impression that we had decided to hold a national day of action before Nov 4th, and in addition to the Conference. I believe this is vital as an intermediate goal for the regional groups to focus on. On a broader note I would like to emphasise the vital role that these groups have to play, I think engaging with them more closely is vital. We need to start coordinating at home, as well as internationally.

I think the conference seems awkwardly placed, would a national event happen before or after this? I think ideally we would do something in 2-3 months, that would place the date on may-june. That is when our conference is, is 2months to soon, and conversely 4 months to long to leave the groups.

Phil is suggesting something in September, while I entirely agree that something 2-3 months after June 3rd is a great idea I`m not sure that we will have active groups if we leave them to there own devices that long!

Climate Change Action

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