Friday, March 03, 2006

Climate Change Action: What I'm up to.

Hello all, hopefully I will get a chance to post a few articles this weekend but at the moment I will just give an update of what I`m doing, what the group I`m working for are doing and what our plans are for the future.

First off, I`m down in London working with Campaign against Climate Change, currently I`m trying to organize the office and our mailing lists. We have quite a few people who have registered an interest but aren't yet on our mailing lists, I`ve been sorting that out today. I'm also replying to e-mails and helping people with contact details, particularly in regard of the CCC meeting which is happening in Frankfurt this Saturday. Good work with that everyone, particularly Nathalie, who doesn't seem to stop meeting people/networking.

The Frankfurt meeting is being carried out in order to organize significant demonstrations in western Europe for Nov 4th, the next meeting of the parties to Kyoto. We are going bigger and better this time around, photos from the last demos around the world can be found on the actavists portal, have a look and if you are interested, sign up and either talk about the issues or get involved with actually organising things where you are.

In interesting event I attended on March 1st was the 'carbon dating' event, organized by the Stop Climate Chaos coalition and supported by our group. Basically 70 tables of 9 or 10 people, around 60 mp's to share around. I met some interesting people, and a couple of MP's, suprisingly our group got on rather better with the Conservative MP (Shadow Environment Minister: Gregory Baker ) than the Labour MP (Sadiq Khan) who seemed both uninterested and disingenuous, which was a surprise given his superb work on civil liberties.

(photo shows david cameron, the Conservative Party leader and the man who has brought climate change to the top of the political agenda-even if we dont trust his motives, this isnt a bad thing!)

I will be drafting letters to both of these MP's on behalf of our table, and once everyone has commented/amended this they will be sent off and posted here.

There is plenty more I could add here about both the organization, the people and myself but I will just finish by mentioning my daily commute, which I`m doing by bike. Its about 8-9 miles across rush-hour London. First time it took me 2hrs to get to work, 1hr45 getting home! My latest efforts are 1hr to get ot work, 1hr 15 getting home. This is involving a lot less map reading now, but still a couple of stops. Realistically once navigation isn't a problem it will probably take around 50 minutes during rush hour, and perhaps 40 minutes when its quite, I can cope with that aslong as the pollution doesn't sting my eyes as much as it did yesterday evening, how will things be in the summer?

Climate Change Action

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