Friday, March 24, 2006

Report of the Week: Meeting UK Energy and Climate Needs

I have been posting articles less frequenmtly for the last few weeks, this is because i`m now working full time with Campaign against Climate Change, i`ve also been having financial issues and been trying to sort out accomidation as i`m now in London working on a voluntary basis.

Anyway, this weeks report of the week has been refered to by me previously, it is a product of the house of commons science and technology committe and takes a good hard look at what we have to do in order to cut our emmisions by 60% by 2050. The focus is largely on carbon capture and storage, a somewhat contencious technology that i wish my fellow envirtonmentalists would get behind.

"It is expected that fitting a power plant with CCS could reduce associated
CO2 emissions by around 85%, so the application of CCS technology to power
plant could have a dramatic effect on CO2 emissions. BP told us that if CCS
was “applied to only 5% of the new electricity generating capacity which the
world is projected to require by 2050, the world would have the potential of
reducing global CO2 emissions by around one billion tonnes [1 Gt] a year”.
Postscript: Climate Change, ReportA, UKA


Climate Change Action

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