Sunday, March 26, 2006

Video of the Week: Climate Change and Agriculture in the USA

The video of the week is about climate change and its likely effect on agriculture in the USA. I highlight this video as the agricultural community in the US may be another party with an interest in climate change mitigation. The video is split into two parts which can be streamed here and here.

"While some farmers in the U.S. growing certain crops in some years may prosper because of warmer temperatures, more precipitation, and CO2 fertilization, U.S. agriculture in general is likely to become increasingly unstable, and farmers may find it hard to plan what crops to plant and when"

Background information relavent to these video clips can be found here.

A general overview of all the videos that Harvard Medical School have produced is available on this post which is on my other blog "Climate Change Resources".

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Climate Change Action

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