Saturday, March 04, 2006

Website of the Week: Renewable Energy Access

Things just don't work as they should when I'm not on my own PC. No image keys to indicate the topic of the post and no rich formatting options in blooger thanks to safari not being up to the task.

Anyway I've still got an interesting website to share: Renewable Energy access

This is a great site for anyone interested in renewable energy and how things are developing in the states on a state by state and local level. I've also found a good few policy ideas which have applications for any government interested in renewables. Personally I enjoy reading about renewables, its a very positive side of the climate change issue, the progress is accelerating rapidly and there are several positive spin offs, makes a nice change from the reality of future climate impacts.

I heard the point expressed well quite recently by one of the WWF's honorary chairman, the sustainable development sector and the pattern of environmental degradation are two phenomena experiencing exponential growth, its a battle of these exponential lines; although it often seems that the latter is going to win the race it is still nice to look at the former and hope for an acceleration in the growth rate. I love the concept of acceleration of acceleration, unfortunately it make its appearance all to often in the positive feedbacks of climate change models.

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