Friday, April 28, 2006

Report of the Week: WBCSD Pathways to 2050 Energy and Climate

This weeks report of the week ties in nicely with my most recent news highlight about a new wind power farm in scotland. Pathway to 2050 is a really good look at where the enegy system is at the
moment and what the major patterns are for the comming

One of the best renewable energy reports i have read in a while, it is also mercifully brief , only 11 pages of info, basically a very good overview of the major challenges and key technologies with lots of graphics.

"The challenge A 550-ppm emissions trajectory is an ambitious undertaking in a rapidly developing world. It requires largescale deployment of a wide range of technologies with high investment and complex choices, completely transforming energy production and use. Issues around energy security and affordability will also play a key role in this transformation process. By 2050, the world must generate a dollar of GDP with only half the energy used in 2002, equivalent to an economic efficiency improvement of 1.5% per year, a rate of change 20% higher than that achieved in the last 30 years. Additionally, each Tera-Joule of energy used must generate 45% less carbon emissions than in 2002, implying a 1.3% improvement in carbon intensity per year.This is equivalent to twice the global rate of decarbonization in the last 30 years."

Postscript: Climate Change; RenewablesA, BusinessA, ReportA


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