Thursday, May 11, 2006

Campaign against Climate Change Conference at London School of Economics

The group that I am currently working with, 'Campaign against Climate Change' are holding a climate conference on June 3rd. Basically an event to attract as diverse a range of people as possible to discuss climate change. After the morning workshops everyone will be brought together for the planning meeting for the Nov 4th demo we are organising in London to coincide with the Nairobi climate talks. This conference is getting Very Exciting! We have so many good speakers and more confirming all the time, bellow is an unofficial breakdown of how many speakers we have in each subject area. The official confirmed list is here. The plan for the day is here.

Organisations represented include: RSPB, GCI, Transport2000, Sustrans, Airportwatch, Southampton Oceanographic Centre, Cambridge University Oceanography Department, RisingTide, Greenpeace, FOE, UEA, Tearfund, Practical Action, Communications Workers Union, IFEES...and quite a few more!

Climate Change Action

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