Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Climate Change Review 3 of 4: International, National, Regional and Corporate Climate Policy

Elliot Morely, an environment minister from the UK has spoken about his belief that the EU ETS will expand and merge with other such schemes to form a Global ETS. A recent conference at the Earth Institute asked the question "is sustainable development feasible". The entire conference is available for download both as a series of videos and a series of audio files.

The non existant debate continues, US courts really dont want to call co2 a polloutant! That could lead to terrible consequences such as REGULATION! Sweden has set ambitious climate targets, a 25% reduction targetr has been set for 2025. China has made its strongest statement yet in support of GHG emmission reduction targets. Concern over security of supply has lead to some fairly drastic proposals from south Korean: wouldnt it be nice to be independant of fossil fuels and not have to worry about which state america invades next? In Indonesia also, fuel usaage by cars is comming under review as increased oil prices threaten economic growth. Environmentallists generally support Kyoto but one thing that they are united upon is that it dosent go nearly far enough...enter the Canadian govornment with the claim that Kyoto targets are jut to tough for them! In the UK a private members bill has just pas its second reading in the house of commons and is not likely to go into law. The so called climate change and sustainable energy bill wil require the prime minister to present an annual report to parliment on the progress on cutting GHG emmissions, with climate change playing as a major issue in the UK it is likely that this annual event will take on the significance of the cahencellors anuall budjet, offering a real focus for opposition if targets arent being met.



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