Thursday, May 04, 2006

Leaked by the US: Working Group I Contribution to Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC

In what i can only described as a display of utter contempt for the IPCC the US govornment has released the second draft of the IPCC Fourth Assesment Report (4AR) to the public!

As this is the second draft its is NOT READY FOR GENERAL RELEASE some very carefull decisions and clarifications will be required before it can be confidently released to a general audiance. The secrecy before the release is i suppose ment to give the scientists time to carefully weigh up the includsion of certain statements and decide on how prominent certain ideas are without having the minutiae under heavy media scrutiny by a less than sensitive media.

The site is ment to be password protected but...this is the entire email i sent requesting a password ( i`m not a US citizen or scientist):

Calvin Jones Campaign against Climate Change 0207 833 9311 Homepage: Resources + Events:

Note the UK phone number. The reply is superb...basically the US govornment are doing a review in which any US citizen is invited to comment on the working group 1 paper the physical basis of climate change. This paper is produced by the worlds foremost experts ans is on climate science not policy...who the fuck could make a usefull contriution to this, the best US scientists are already involved...the shear arrogance of a country reviewing an internationally resourced and prepared document!

Thank you for your interest in participating in the U.S. Government
of the Working Group I contribution ("Climate Change 2007:
The Physical Science Basis") to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change Fourth Assessment Report. You will need the following username and
password to access the DRAFT document:

username = ********
password = ********

Here's the URL for ease of reference:

Be advised that you must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien to
participate in the U.S. Government Review
. Please send properly formatted
comments to: by the 9 MAY 2006 deadline if you wish to have your input considered for the official U.S. Government submission. Comments submitted as part of the U.S. Government Review should be reserved for that purpose, and not also sent to the IPCC Working Group I Technical Support Unit as a discrete set
of expert comments.

You seriously cant make this up! I`m looking forward to reading the report but as a responsible blogger i coultnt possibly divulge the password to you even if you sent me an email to calvinjonesonline at hotmail dot com


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At 2:09 AM, Blogger ben said...

Now that's some great work as usual Calvin! It would be interesting to see what the changes are between this version and the final release. What exactly is the relationship between the IPCC and the US government? The IPCC operates under the UN doesn't it? So why would these reviews be open only to US citizens?


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