Monday, May 01, 2006

Penn State University Climate Change Sit-In

It's Getting Hot in Here is a superb blog that has the rare distinction of being more than just a way for people to spread there ideas. The site is a used quite efectively as a place for activists to post there activities.

Currently there are is a very interesting event going on at Penn State University. A group of activists have been trying to get the attention of the university president for some time, they are trying to get a commitment for significant GHG emmission cuts by the university:

"While the group's ultimate goal is to cut the school's emissions by 28.4 percent by 2012, it specifically wants to meet with Spanier in the near future .
Penn State's Kyoto Now! campaign is the biggest campaign of its kind in the nation, yet the group has gone two years without a meeting with Spanier, Stoner said."

The latest news on progress so far is here. I also notice that Sustainablog has an article on this, and Jeff makes a good point, these student are busy people infact some of them have fianls comming up so its superb that they have the commitment to spend time on this! Life is a lot like this, there are always problems with spending time on important issues, sometimes you just have to say 'this is a genuinely important issue, i`m commited!'

"Friday was our last day of classes and some of our sitters had finals and had to leave for an hour. When they locked down the building, there was only four of us remaining. They said we could stay as long as we wanted, but that no one else could come in"

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Climate Change Action

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At 12:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penn State Students concerned about emissions et al? How ironic. Penn State University is at the forefront of Research & Development in finding alternative fuels and energy. The Agriculture Sciences Group indeed have a unique patented burner on the campus that burns efficiently the PLASTOFUEL pelletized pellets made from dirty waste agricultural plastics. You would think the students would be cheering the University for their leading edge technologies to stem emissions, reduce landfill, produce alternative heat and power, rid the land of plastic waste as well as better utilize the petroleum used. The burner and the plastic fuel has had three indpendent tests with all giving two thumbs up as a clean non toxic disposal of plastic and power converter. All of their work has been with greenhouses but the fuel and the burner are adaptable to other vertical. One would think the students would be cheering loudly at this accomplishment but perhaps they are dissing too much and have not noticed the great work Penn State is doing to reduce emissions, greenhouse gas, and the trauma of hundreds of millions of tons of non degradable plastics. Think about it kids. Wave the flag!

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh found it. Check out this site and surely there is information on the Penn State plastic fuel pellets

A whole lot going on at Penn State. Guess the students missed it or are simply lost souls in the scheme of climatization? Probably. Three cheers for Penn State Agricultural Sciences guys.


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