Monday, May 29, 2006

TheWatt Energy/Climate Podcast Out Now

The latest episode of TheWatt energy podcast is out now. The latest show is split into two parts, the first is a pannel discussion with contributions from John (This Week in Nuclear), Dave (Carbon Planet) and Robb (Entropy Production).

The second part is an interview with Tad W. Patzek, a proffessor at the University of California Berkeley.

I spoke to ben a week or two back about building TheWatt up and using it as the centre of a community of climate/energy bloggers. Unfortunately i`ve been busy with work since then but i`m glad to see he is moving ahead with TheWatt, i think the pannels work well and hopefully we will soon have an rss feed for all the involved sites, we can then think about doing a bit more cross promotion. I will be contacting the few people i know are interested as soon as i`m finished with the upcoming climate conference i`m helping to organise.

Climate Change Action

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