Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wind Power: Just a whole lot better than the alternatives

This is a short videoclip of a wind turbine, i wish people would watch this kind of thing and then maybe they would support wind, not because it makes sense in so many different ways but because they are really amazing structures I personally find wind power so posotive, its has strong Eutopian associations in my mind, powering a healthy world from the wind.


Climate Change Action

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At 2:24 AM, Anonymous Eric said...

Very cool video! I am a big wind energy proponent, but many of my green friends do not like it - they say it kills too many bird to be a viable alternative energy. Ack!

At 10:17 PM, Blogger ben said...

Wow...transporting wind turbines must be a huuuuge pain in the ass. That was just the base of the turbine too, the blades come in 1 piece!

I imagine they would ship most parts of the turbine though.


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