Friday, June 23, 2006

London Climate Activist Update (Blog Post 200)

Well, time is rushing by and my level of dedication to this site is being questioned thanks to a busy life here in London; i`m also mising home and worrying about getting a job. These are all things that distract me from the vitally important blog!

I thought it was time I posted another article, and it just so happens that this is my 200th post.

On Saturday i attended the MedAct agm and climate conference. This was an event i had to be at due to the unusuall aspect of it; a medical charity taking climate change seriously. I also knew Marion Birch, the woman in charge of the organisation from some time back and its always nice to catch up with old contacts-marion had actually just spoken at the June 3rd climate conference also. I mentioned the conference to Aubrey Meyer (GCI) who had, it turns out, been invited, but he couldnt make it so i took along some materials and helped to promote C&C. This wasnt actually much of an effort, due largely to Robin Stott, another old contact who i had previously met at the launch of Stop Climate Chaos. Overall a very interesting day, the two highlights of which would have to be the presentations on what we can do personally to tackle climate change and why nuclear isnt the answer. Note this second presentation addresses a previous comment made about my lack of support for nuclear i.e it addresses the issue of just how much nuclear costs and how climate friendly it realy is.

On sunday i went down to the West London Green Festival which turned out to be quite a small event, but a very relaxing one and with the help of Sarah Joyce, and with brief appearences by Richard Travan i had quite a calming day, albeit one when i should have been doing other things. Interesting events included almost getting punched by a guy who looked so like a bulldog it was impression only amplified by the fact he was stooping low trying to get his bike through a barrier as Richard T barged passed. I also recieved a totally unnecissary peace offering from the daily mail reading neighbouring stall as they felt awqward for asking me to move richards irrish hippy friends; who obiviously freeked them out. Sarah was very helpful and seems increasingly likely to be an active member of the group.

Climate Change Action

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