Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mikail Gorbachev warns of nuclear power's danger and the importance of renewables.

Mikail Gorbachev was in London representing his charity Green Cross International. He spoke to a group of 60-70 MP's Journalists and members of the public. The talk was given in Portcullice House, a building i`ve never been in before; nice to see where our taxes are going!

"I would like to commend your all party group, because this is a problem that affects all of us, we should regret that to much time is spent on infighting....there are problems that should be addressed by everyone."

Gorbachev identified 3 key issues:
Security& Terrorism
Poverty and Underdevelopment
Environmental Problems and Climate Change

Articles on this speach where carried by The Scotsman, The Times, Reuters and Others.

A couple of interesting digs at Bush & Co.,

"And the united states has to recognise a very unplesant fact, that there goal to be energy indiependat is increasingly indepandant is increasingly at variance with the policies"

"I`m going to tell you a joke that we have in russia...a us military geologist has found an arab country over significant reserves of american oil"

And the main point that Gorbachev is trying to make is that a global energy fund is required for developing new renewables.

"We need to work together on this problem of energy security...i am going to be very frank, when there is a threat of a military attack it is always easy to find 50 billion dollars, 7o billion dollars, 80 billion dollars...we at green cross international want to spend money on something different, we want to spend 50 billion dollars on renewable energy development."

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