Monday, July 10, 2006

Wave of Support: Electric Blue

A wave power report by the BWEA and NPower has just been released. The aim of this report is to identify some of the key challenges facing marine renewables and suggesting a strategy to overcome these problems. Wave power has huge potential, it is a valuable contribution to the ever increasing range of renewables that policy makers have to choose from. Although in the long term it may rival wind power as a source of energy in coastal areas, there is still a long way to go in terms of development and comercialisation.

A previous report by the carbon trust described the potntial of marine renewables in the UK.
This report describes what is required to attain this potential.

A clear signal from govronment that they are taking this opportunity seriously is one of the key recomendations made in the report.

"A consistent theme in conversations with industry stakeholders was the
need for Government to demonstrate a longer term commitment to the wave and
tidal industry across the whole of the UK. To this end, this report
recommends that statements on many of the recommendations outlined below
could be drawn together in a single strategy document, setting out the
Government’s belief in the industry’s potential"


Climate Change Action

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