Sunday, October 08, 2006

International Day of Climate Change Action Nov 4th

On Nov 4th There is and international day of action on climate change.Events kick of 12pm outside the US embassy in grosvenor square.

For a timetable of the day visit the campaign against climate change website.

For a list of the countries involved so far visit the global climate campaign.


Climate Change Action

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At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Conservation" must be among the most overused and ill-defined words
in current buzzword vocabulary and cynically used by those who are
preying on the public's concern about climate change.

When one looks closely at "conservation organisations" there are very
few that are not indulging in, or encouraging, environmentally
damaging activities that contribute to climate change. Many are
indistinguishable from the tourist industry and encourage long
distance travel to their reserves and wild places, which are openly
marketed as visitor attractions. In the bigger picture they are
contributing to the demise of that which they purport to conserve.

In 2005 a major conservation organisation told us in a news release
that we were "cooking the planet" and that if we continued to do so,
"will disrupt and devastate all life". But at the same time they were
accepting pages of world-wide travel advertisements in their quarterly
magazine - sent out to approximately a million members - which as a
publication is environmentally damaging in itself by way of its
production, distribution and disposal.

Indeed, the Kyoto Protocol must be the biggest conservation scam ever!
The UK signed up to this protocol to reduce emissions but is importing
masses of produce from the emerging economies that are exempt. So in
effect, all we are doing is exporting our environmental damage to the
Far East by consuming products manufactured there and transported
halfway across the planet. China, for example, is currently building
up to sixty "dirty" power stations a year to cope with its industrial
revolution, much of which is based on Western demand.

I am not a conservationist or environmentalist, but I do expect those
who say they are to be honest about it and be an example to the rest
of us.


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