Friday, November 24, 2006

European Commission Launch Action Plan on Energy Efficiency

The European Commission have launched a plan to make increase energy efficency by 20% above the baseline given current policy.

The European Comission has published a list of 75 Kekey actions for "ambitious" efficiency improvements in energy usage. The energy efficency actiop plan was unveiled in Brussesls by the energy comissioner Piebalgs on 19th OCtober.

Officials say the proposals will deliver an annual saving of 200 billion euros per year and help the EU meet its Kyoto Protocol target to cut emmissions by 8%. Total savings would be almost 4000 million tonnes of oil equivalent in 2020.

The action plan has identified 10 priority areas:

Minimum enery efficiency requirements and labelling for equipment.

Better energy performance in building, including a strategy for "passive houses".

More efficienct conversion and transportation of energy (focusing on smaller capacity units).

More efficienc cars (with legislation to ensure this).

Spur energy efficiency in new member states.

Upgrading the use of taxation.

Raise public awareness and level of education.

A covenant with Mayors of large pioneering cities.

An international fromework with key external trading partners.

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