Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Govornment Inaction, Business Inspiration

The farce continues...now BIG ENERGY CONSUMING INDUSTRIES are asking for regulation and Bush is replying with rhetoric and inaction.

Businesses in general have no problem with greenhouse gas constraint, as long as the cap is mandatory and nationwide or greater in scale. It's competitive distortion that worries business not the absolute cost of business.

The continued reluctance of the bush administration to undertake concrete action can only be seen as a confirmation of the special interests in charge. Businesses that would be competitively disadvantaged if carbon consumption was penalised, basically the coal and oil production companies.

This video is taken from a coalition of several huge US businesses that are desperate for the policy certainty so that they can start the inevitable move towards decarbonisation soon and without risk.

An interesting and positive business perspective...

It's time for business leaders to innovate, to profit and to give the hope we need.


Climate Change Action

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