Monday, February 26, 2007

I Have A Dream...

The future becomes the most powerfull vision that is presented. This is the basic concept of a quote that I recently came across in a book on social change.

It has the sound of truth in it. It asks of us: what is your positive vision? Our positive vision is not a distaste for fossil fuels, it is not a hatred of corporate greed and it is not a dislike for consumerism as a value system.

It's time for us to bring that vision. I know people who are already doing this, I also know many, including myself who have not done enough of this.

Martin Luther King had a dream. He did not have a complaint. He had a powerful vision of a fairer future and the dream proved irresistible.

I hope you found that video as inspiring as I did. It is a powerful speech, the civil rights movement was a powerful movement, but don't hark back to the sixties, we live now and it is the best time to live!

Never have we faced so many challenges, never in the history of mankind have we been in such dire need of vision. I`m looking to a brilliant future, a future with decentralised energy and most of all decentralised power. I`m looking forward to a clean future, a safer future, a smart future and a future at peace with nature.

I'm thinking about what this future would look like and how we can better talk about it. I hope we can all do this and can lead with vision not admonishment.

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