Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nice Headline.

I love this headline, taken off climate wire.
"Governments told 'don't be hasty' on climate regulation."

My thoughts:

But my child's in the house!

Ohh, calm down, don't get hysterical, we don't know how fast the fire is going to spread.

What !?!

Well, if you must go and rescue your firstborn for god sake don't damage the door, it's just been painted.

You, ah, what...are you insane!

== Analogy Ends ===

In all seriousness, no one can argue against the fact that good policies are important, but urgency of action has to be the key. Weather or not we smash a window and enter that way or brake down the door doesn't really matter in the scheme of things. What matters is that we don't hesitate to act.


Climate Change Action

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