Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Economics of Climate Change: Beyond Stern

Beyond Stern Workshop 19 Feb, City of London. Where does the large investment come from for large-scale mitigation action?'

If society accepts the findings of the Stern report then rapid action on climate change mitigation is an important response to the prospective risks of induced climate change. The possibilities for climate change mitigation through the adoption of low carbon technologies have been widely discussed for several years and there are many realistic possibilities which are now well known, technologically proven and economically costed. The primary issue now is not ‘how much do low carbon technologies cost?’, but ‘how is the massive investment of the next decade to be directed towards low carbon technologies?’ Such investment will be necessary in buildings, transport, industrial processes and energy systems and new thinking will be needed to ensure such investment flows freely in ways that will stimulate innovation and reduce costs, while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Tyndall Centre one-day workshop addressing these questions from a range of business, policy and academic perspectives on the 19th February at the Insurance Hall, City of London., EC2 7HY.

Introduction. Asher Minns, Communications Manager for the Tyndall Centre, Andrew Watkinson Deputy Director and Internal Science Co-ordination for the Tyndall Centre, Terry Barker, Director of the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research and Chair of Cambridge Econometric. VIDEO

How to finance international low carbon investment. Robert Watson, Chief Scientist and Director for Sustainable Development, World Bank, and Professor elect in the School of Environmental Sciences, UEA. VIDEO SLIDESHOW

What the Stern Review really said. Dimitri Zenghelis, UK Government economic adviser, Stern Review Team, HM Treasury. VIDEO SLIDESHOW

Sources, scale and choice of incentives for financing the Stern global mitigation target. Terry Barker, Director of the Cambridge Centre for Mitigation Research and Chair of Cambridge Econometrics. VIDEO SLIDESHOW

Will the Clean Development Mechanism deliver?. Catrinus P. Jepma, Professor of Environmental Economics, University of Groningen. VIDEO SLIDESHOW

What does business need to direct foreign direct investment and trade to low carbon products? Kirsty Hamilton, Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Kate Hampton, Climate Change Capital. VIDEO , SLIDESHOW

Company decision-making for investing in low carbon technologies. Jack Frost, Director, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells. VIDEO, SLIDESHOW

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Climate Change Action

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