Sunday, March 11, 2007

Global Climate Campaign: Dec 8th 2007

The global climate campaign is once again building for the UNFCCC climate talks.

I have been preparing some promotional material, hopefully to be seen throughout the climate change blogosphere soon!

Here is a pdf explaining the day of action.

Bellow are a selection of banners and sidebar adverts. Some resizing will be required for the banners atleast. I hope to get the code up soon so its just a matter of coppying and pasting to upate your blog template.

Global Day of Climate Action

Global Day of Climate Action (Sidebar Ads)

  • The Global Climate Campaign (GCC) exists to build on the global climate movement. GCC represents an effort to coordinateand build climate protests around the globe to coincide with the UNFCCC climate talks.
  • A discussion list exists, there are conference calls on a regular basis in the build up to the day of action. Any group concerned with climate change can hold an event and build the movement. Contact us at info(at) or +44 (0) 207 833 9311.
  • Only international action can succeed. Only concerted global pressure can achieve this. Join the movement. Hold your own event and let us build something good out of this crisis, global solidarity.

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Climate Change Action

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