Friday, March 16, 2007

Tories and Climate Change

Dealing with climate change should not be a partisan issue, in the uk this is starting to become the case. But still climate change in often labeled as an environmental issue (yep i`m guilty of this to) which makes it difficult for tories to be comfortable with. The reasons for this are numerous and complex.

On UK Blog 'Conservative Home' has a selection of articles on climate change that highlight the progressive stance of leadership and the mixture of reactions from Conservative voters.

  1. Prince Charles and Daid Cameron
  2. Nick Hurd (Conservative Qaulity of Life Comission)
  3. Richard Benyson (Climate change is this generations Dunkirk)
  4. Nigel Lawson (Adapt don't mitigate)
  5. Blue Green Taxes
  6. Peter Franklin (Rebutting climate skepticism)
  7. Peter Franklin (Why we should tax aviation)
  8. Torries prefer motoring to going green.
I think that thete are many interesting points to discuss on the ability for tories to reconcile thee pro-business policies with climate change mitigation. This is nothing other than the question on weather sustaiable development is a real possibility or just rhetoric; is captialism able to be reformed in such a way as to enable momentum behind climate change mitigation.

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