Thursday, April 12, 2007

IPCC WG2 Report In Full : Website Leak or Mind Melt?

Yesterday whilst looking for more information about the IPCC WG2 Report I found the whole report online.

Now, i know that the IPCC website is a navigational nightmare. It's not inconcievale that the report is still there, and is ment to be...but, i sure as hell can't find it today!

The only reason that I know that i`m not imagining this is that I have a copy of Chapter 13 on Latin America. I`m writing about Latin America at the moment so this was my priority...I didn't download the rest. Damn.

This chapter is facinating and a great source of information, information on Latin America and climate change is hardly overly abundant (with a few exceptions such as effects on the Amazon).

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At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey i got a story about climate change and how its going to effect the water supply in North America (i know there are many other things that will beeffected but thats not my point)

Point is i got this FREE to my cell phone and i kinda find this useful for when im on the move.

You can get it at Oh yea it works on 2.5G phones aswell, still free.

Theres a bunch of channels but the one i like is the MNN channels.

Well i hope someone else finds it as sueful as i do.

Sure makes a change from the usual cardboard cut-outs who read the news these days:)


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