Sunday, May 20, 2007

August 14th-21st Camp for Climate Action

Well that took a while.

After a day and a half of talks the national climate camp meeting (that took place downstairs in the Greenpeace UK offices) finally arrived at a consensus decision on the location of the next climate camp! (Details here in a few days).

The aims of the camp are:

  • Be a place were we explore grassroots solutions to climate change through workshops, skill-sharing, education, debate and entertainment. The camp will also bring together people already campaigning on this and related issues.
  • Take direct action against the root causes of climate change. Yes we need to change light bulbs and stop flying to Spain for the weekend, but we also need to act collectively. This is the only way to stop the actions of those vested interests that watch the planet burn while counting the money they make from the fire.
  • Demonstrate and live the alternatives by bringing diverse groups and individuals together to live in an ecologically sustainable, cooperative way. The camp will aim to be as carbon neutral as possible and all energy, except perhaps gas for cooking, will come from renewable sources.
  • Be a space for celebration, for kids and families, a place to socialise with friends old and new. Western civilisation has tried to answer the eternal question of what it is to be human by surrounding itself in a cocoon of objects, an endless stream of meaningless stuff. This is a chance to show the opposite, that less can be so much more.

Its going ahead, its ambitious, its exciting. We have a groovy new poster.

In the mean time enjoy one of the posters being used, and check out the climate camp pomotional videos.

This is what we did last year. Now we have the profile, the momentum and the experiance. Make sure you get involved if you are based in the UK.

Some photos from last year:

Some news coverage on Channel 4, one of the main uk national stations.

A clip of a documentary made about the climate camp 2006.

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Climate Change Action

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