Saturday, May 26, 2007

Camp for Climate Action 2007: Heathrow

The Climate Camp has already garnered a fair deal of interest.

Most favourable coverage from The Times under heading 'Revolting middle class join eco-warriors'. This article includes references to a wie range of interest groups who are already opposing the expansion of heathrow, and aviation growth more broadly. Guardian 
was not bad, but no real attempt to pain the broader picture.

The most negative coverage comes from the Daily Hate (AKA Daily Mail) and the Express. Both of whom have converted a press release about alternative to high carbon living, and promotion of sustainable practices and education into a story of frightening, violent, thugs. The small mistakes littered throughout seem largely irrelavent given the dilberately distorted tone.

The first local coverage is from the Ealing Times which runs an overwhelmingly positive short article.

PRESSURE is mounting on BAA as Climate Camp decides to pitch its tents outside Heathrow.

The decision announced this week to stage this year's Climate Camp near Heathrow will increase pressure on BAA to drop its controversial plans to expand the airport.

Last year's Climate Camp, which took place outside Selby in Yorkshire, climaxed in a high-profile attempt to occupy Drax Power Station.

This year the camp will be pitching its tents in the Heathrow area from the August 14 to 21, and thousands of people are expected to camp out to protest against the impact aviation is having on the planet.

Geraldine Nicholson, chair of local campaign group NOTRAG (No Third Runway Action Group), said: "BAA should not be surprised that people are planning to come from all over the country to protest at their expansion plans. This community will be destroyed if a third runway is built at Heathrow. An ever-increasing number of people think aviation policy is going in the wrong directions for a whole number of reasons - climate change, community destruction, noise. Together we can win."

Chair of campaign group HACAN Clearskies, John Stewart, said: "The terrible twins of the UK aviation industry, BA and BAA, must be stopped in their tracks. Their activities are damaging the planet and ruining the quality of life of countless people living under flight paths. The climate camp will be a striking symbol of the revulsion a growing number of people feel at the antics of the aviation industry."

The blogosphere/alternative media also have a fair number of stories floating around.

'A Daisy Through Concrete' has several stories on the climate camp, notably this one on the angle taken by certain tabloids. 'Goldfish nation' has a similar take.

Music blog 'Dilated Tunes' also has a post on the camp, as do Global Warming Heatwatch, Earth First, the Wombles, Radical Heat Watch, Car Free BlogKliamatet (Netherlands?), Oread Daily (USA).

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Climate Change Action

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At 6:10 PM, Blogger Calvin Jones said...

What people are saying
From the local community

"On behalf of the staff at Barlow Common Nature Reserve, we would like to express our thanks and gratitude for the efficiency and managerial aptitude displayed during your recent encampment. There was no mess, litter or damage found on the reserve attributable to the campers which in itself reflects the high standards you set out to attain. Many of the campers we met were friendly, genuine and committed people. There is a markedly strong affinity between the Reserve staff and yourselves over environmental issues and we believe you made your point. Look forward to seeing you again next year!"
- Barlow Common Nature Reserve Staff, Nearest Neighbour to the 2006 camp, email to Camp for Climate Action.
Mainstream Media

"We're witnessing the birth of a new protest movement to force action on global warming"
- Johann Hari, The Independent

"Personally, I think the protest was a huge success, not least because the amount of national media coverage was phenomenal, and largely favorable. It got the message out that climate change is a code-red emergency and all of us, particularly the powers-that-be, need to take drastic action, NOW. And that means biting the bullet and starting to make the transition away from the dirty Draxes of this world towards a cleaner greener future. But there’s more to the camp’s success than good copy. I left feeling inspired. I witnessed there a new movement the likes of which we haven’t seen here since the road protests ten years ago: a movement of committed, disciplined and visionary people who are reclaiming power and creating the change that they want to see in the world before our very eyes. This is only the beginning. I encourage you to get involved."
- Jess Worth, New Internationalist

"Is this the first outing of a new popular political movement?"
- Sky News

"Drax is the biggest carbon polluter in the UK, pumping out nearly 21 million tonnes of the stuff each year. Are we mad for wanting to shut the power station down? Or is it the government that is mad for not doing so?"
- Mark Lynas, New Statesman

"Hopelessly Naïve"
- The Sun

"A blend of Glastonbury and open-air science seminar"
- The Independent

"No one is doing anything about it because no one - until now - has had the courage to stand up and say "stop". But … the direct action movement is rising again…By keeping the issue in the news and by showing that people are prepared to risk being beaten up or imprisoned for their beliefs, the protesters will help ensure that climate change can no longer be ignored. Anyone who cares about the health of the planet should wish them luck."
- George Monbiot

"Highly organised"
- The Guardian
From participants

"We came away from the camp feeling part of a truly global movement, as well as feeling the urgency of this overwhelming issue of climate change."
- Rising Tide North America

"You think you don't have the power as an individual to do something about climate change, but at the camp I learned that you do have that power when you come together with others and take action collectively - you can fight for what you believe in and change things for the better.

I have never met a finer bunch of human beings than the people at the climate camp. People were caring, wise, passionate, and have the daring to open up new frontiers of what is possible. If anyone can save the world, it is these people.

The most treasured memory I have from last summer was partying in the evening after we did the mass action at Drax. Dancing with my tribe knowing that the action was being reported around the world and feeling that our actions were right. We were part of something much bigger, part of a story far more epic than our modern world has ever given us a role in, we were on the edge of history and it was amazing.

I would just like to say, as an individual who went to the camp, a big thank you and to say what a lovely time I had. I found the workshops well presented and educational. It is good to talk to people who are equally committed to ending such climate injustice."
- Posted on UK Indymedia
From supporters and well-wishers

I am so proud of you all for what you are doing and want to thank you.

The CND movement of the 21st century has finally begun.

Just to congratulate you all on yesterday's action. I had not heard of the organisation before - and was thoroughly impressed with the way you conducted the operation and came across as thoughtful, informed and concerned - and willing to make a stand and be heard.

In my opinion you have achieved a lot - the public is now well aware of the problems that Drax and other coal-powered stations are causing. Well done.
- All posted on UK Indymedia Comments.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

"Kliamatet" that you're linking to in the end of the article is actually called Klimax. It's a swedish group for direct action against global warming. Inspired by the Rising Tide network. We have now one group in Stockholm and one in Umeå doing all kinds of actions, especially against the flight industry and cars. Our site address is Some info are in english.


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