Saturday, May 26, 2007

Campaign against Climate Change Aberdeen: Biofuels not the answer!

My nearest climate campaign group Aberdeen--Campaign against Climate Change have been making there voices heard. Nice work everyone! Hope to see you all at the next meeting.


08:50 - 24 May 2007

Climate-change campaigners made a brief protest during the All-Energy 07 show, which opened yesterday.

Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change was responsible for a short interruption to the speech by US Ambassador to the UK Robert Tuttle.

(left: soy motivated deforestation, increasingly for the production of 'green' biodesil)

Several members of the group, who are unhappy at US use of biofuels made from crops, unfurled anti-biofuels banners and made their views known before they were asked to leave.

The campaigners, who left peacefully, later continued their protest outside the show venue, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.

All-Energy 07, the largest renewable energy event in the UK, concludes today.

The campaign group's Almuth Ernsting said:

"The US government have been sabotaging progress at international climate conferences for years and their emissions continue to rise steeply.

"Large-scale biofuels do not mitigate global warming but make it happen even faster, as rainforests and other ecosystems are rapidly being destroyed to make way for vast monocultures to grow crops for cars in rich nations."
Campaigner Alan Fleming added:

"We are holding this protest to make sure that people distinguish between clean, truly renewable sources of energy such as sustainable wind, solar, wave and tidal power on the one hand and biofuels from large-scale monocultures on the other.

"We are glad the All-Energy conference will promote wind, solar and marine energy sources as part of the solution to climate change.

"However, companies with interests in biofuels who are presenting at the conference should be aware of the problems biofuels are creating.

"Both intensive agriculture and deforestation are major contributors to global warming and biofuels threaten to greatly increase those emissions."

All-Energy project director Judith Patten said of the protest:

"We live in a democracy. Thank heavens people are allowed to express their views."

One of the people quoted, Almuth Ernsting is more well known for her involvement in biofuelwatch. Bellow is a video where she explains more about that group. As you can see from the website, Almuths' views are based on rigorous research and complete independence. Biofuelwatch is an entirely volunteer led organisation.

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