Friday, May 25, 2007

Paraguaian farmers call for help--risk of eviction for soy expansion.

I just recieved the following email. I`m having web problems so this is from an internet cafe and therefore brief. Please do what you can to support these people. If this where forests rather than soy it would be know as leakage...displaced farmers will be landless and possibly move into virgin forests to clear an rebuild there lives. This kind of problem is being exacerbated by poor carbon offset schemes and biofuels across the tropical regions of the world.

Dear Sir/Madam,

A farmers organisation in Paraguay has asked for urgent international help to try and prevent the eviction of and possible violence against a group of young landless farmers in Pariri Province, and to protest against charges brought against the leader of their organisation, MAP for trying to peacefully support farmers whose lands are being taken over by large soya plantations. A previous eviction, like the one threatened now, ended in a large number of arrests, including of children, and two people being shot dead. International support is vital if similar violence is to be prevented in coming days and weeks.

Paraguay now has 2 million hectares of soya plantations, which have been established at the expense of rainforests as well as farming communities. Around 90,000 families have lost their land as a result, and biodiverse traditional farming systems are being turned into large monocultures, with aerial spraying of pesticides, which poisons people, wildlife, water and soil. The current biofuel boom is accelerating the expansion of soya plantations and the loss of farmland, rainforests, food sovereignty and biodiversity.

Please go to:

Please ask your friends and family if they might like to take part, too. Many thanks!

Kind regards,
Reinhard Behrend
Rettet den Regenwald e. V.
Friedhofsweg 28
22337 Hamburg
Telefon 0049 -40 - 4103804

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