Friday, July 27, 2007

Climate Camp: How Can We Mainstream the Marginalised?

The Camp for Climate Action, could, potentially be sidelined as an event for environmental extremists, since camping outside an airport is hardly a mainstream activity.

How could the airport owners possibly remove this option from the media?

Ahh, i got it! They could ban all the members from a whole range of groups such as the RSPB (one of the UK's largest membership bird conservation clubs) and the National Trust (the one that protects historic buildings and our best nature reserves). These are two of fifteen groups that are set to be banned from a large area around Heathrow amazingly brazen attack on civil liberties by large corporate power. Not exactly the sort of thing to get the support of local people, or the media!

Some blog coverage Global Cool, Another Green World, Boing Boing, TheQauacksofLife, thedaily(maybe).

Hope to see you there...i`m planning on filming as much as possible although i`m never going to make a documentary as good as the one made about last years camp.

Nice free publicity from the Independent!

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Climate Change Action

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At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so ridiculous, I've been laughing all week. You might be interested in this - - a party on the Piccadilly line this Tuesday evening to cock a snoop at BAA and all it's little wizards. Looks like everyone's welcome!


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