Sunday, July 01, 2007

Game Plan by Jim Manzi

The National Review, i`ve never heard of it or read it before but it is rapidly apparent that they don't take quite the same view on things that I do. This is made likely by the presence of American Enterprise and Cato Institute columnists. These Conservative think tanks have long been funded by Exxon to deny climate science, this may now have come to an end, but these entirely unpleasant organisations have all the hallmarks of publications i`d rather burn (or perhaps recycle) than read. Dick Cheney's wife works with AEI if i`m not mistaken and recent celebrations occurred over the 5:4 high court decision to ban integration as a policy in American schools by the High Court ('the way to end discrimination is to end discrimination' being the soundbite). Also, a very nicely written but slimy article was written on just exactly why the worlds richest nation couldn't possibly provide free national health care!

Anyway, they have just had a front page article promoting engagement in climate change. The article seems positive, it does say we cant defend this position any more. Which is nice. However it implies that downplaying it and fighting 'alarmism' should be the next strategy. It also takes on the economists (and progressive businesses such as GE, BP, DukeEnergy) by arguing against cap and trade. Why be pragmatic after all when you can be cynically ideological.

The article therefore provides me with little hope that the far right will get on board with serious climate policy, it does however, show that they are worried. This issue is growing, despite there best efforts, and they need a new strategy. I personally feel that they could receive such a beating on this that republicans could be out of power for a long time, a real collapse.

[UPDATE: I have just found a link (PDF) to the article so you don't have to but a subscription]

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At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm the guy that wrote the article that you reference.

I'm often wrong, but try not to be cynical. I think that the more the debate about climate change can become almost a technical discussion about how to deal with the problem rather than a more philosophical debate about worldviews, the better for everybody.

Unfortunately (in my view, at least!), I suspect you are right about Republicans being out of power for a long time starting in 2009.

Best regards,
Jim Manzi


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