Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Love 'Critical Mass'

Bellow, Critical Mass in San Fransisco, above in London. I personally love 'critical mass' events, perticularly due to the fact that as a regular cyclist i`m so used of having to look over my sholder for big trucks and cars: it's nice when cyclists have the upper hand. Don't get me wrong, cycling around London i was amazed by how well most people drive in general i have no problem with car drivers. However it does get you thinking.

Just how much easier and healthier would it be to cycle around a city if there where no cars on the road? Permenant primacy of the cyclist. And, unlike the current situation cyclists would become healthier, nor more prone to lung problems. London, in the summer, commuting for work...a real breathing issue.

Also, whilst most drivers are very considerate this has to be a relative statement. Not being a driver, but a cyclist has to be more considerate. My reasoning is simple, moving yourself and a few Kg of bike around takes less room, pollutes less and imposes less risk on others.

I liked the video above from Critical Mass in SF, however nearer to home there are also critical masses. In Aberdeen there is an even, and i`ve already mentioned the london event. These things are all over the world to try out one near you.

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