Thursday, July 05, 2007

Live Earth: Is Anyone Interested?

There seems to be some interest in live earth...

There is plenty of vitriol, the manufacturers association of america have posted one or two articles a day on there blog about it, criticizing every aspect. There have been many attacks by 'satirical' publications that seem more like thinly vailed propaganda sheets from the Fox News side of the political spectrum. Unfortunately for these people Live Earth Rio having been cancelled by a judge over security concerns has now been allowed to continue.

There is also a more positive range of coverage...

In the UK
BBC, Telegraph,

In Auz
The Bulletin,Live Earth,Daily Telegraph

In Canada
eCanada,Globe and Mail,

In the US
Seatlle Pi, Forbes, USAToday,Christian Science Monitor.

In India
The Times of India,

In China


Climate Change Action

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