Friday, August 10, 2007

Eurostar reports roaring ticket sales

With the hammering that Heathrow has been getting for poor service recently i think that travel by trains is going to make significant gains on journeys within Europe.

Eurostar reports roaring ticket sales

Channel Tunnel train company Eurostar says the imminent opening of its new high-speed line has contributed to a huge boost to ticket sales.

The firm said today that two weeks after tickets went on sale for the maiden journeys from its new UK base at St Pancras International, more than 110,000 passengers had booked seats.

Eurostar services relocate to St Pancras on November 14th after 13 years at London Waterloo International.

The change in station coincides with the opening of the high speed one rail line that connects to services on the continent.

The travel times of 2hrs15min for London-Paris is pretty sweet, as is 1hr50min for Brussels!

Eurostar says that the 186mph speed line – 50 per cent faster than UK domestic rail services – will cut average journey times by 20 minutes, making trips to Paris two hours fifteen minutes long and journeys to Brussels one hour and fifty one minutes in duration.

"We are seeing a huge surge in advance bookings for travel on high speed one," commented the company's chief executive Richard Brown.

"It's solid evidence that the travelling public is excited by the prospect of journeys that are at least 20 minutes quicker, the experience of travelling at 186mph in the UK, and the desire to switch from flying in order to 'do the right thing' for the environment."


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At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Transport emissions are the fastest growing, yet little is done to mitigate our entrenched dependence on cars.

I would recommend writing to your local politician about investing in public transport (which must be publicly run to uphold accountability and efficiency). If you live in Melbourne (Australia), you could do your part and sign the anti-Connex petition at:

The site explains why Connex need to be ousted before October. Otherwise - we're so screwed!


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