Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I currently reside in this delightful street in Phaharganj sure it's a bit shaby but very colorful and happening never a dull moment as you dodge man vehicle and beast. Within an hour of my arrival I was head butted by a most disgruntled cow. The other day I met with a famous nature documentary maker who had been awarded three green Oscars. He urged me to make a rapid exit fronm the area, according to him the place was rife with people suffering from aids and TB, people are in various states of decay he professed and the water has 200.000 times the safe level of mercury. I left his place a little worried so decided to do some research of my own on the area. Back at my charming hotel I googled "Parhaganj danger" and found this interesting little piece......if any of you can figure out what the hell the guy is saying I will be most impressed!
"Please carefull when you visit in India mostely Railway Station, Airport and another Important tourist Place.You find the Touts like, May i help you, I am belong Goverment of India tourists help, etc. On 11th Feb 2005 happen with my tourist is this. Dear Mr Mahavir , when we were at the station we ask somebody for the entrance you mentioned. Then he saw the telefon number on my paper. He dialed on his mobile phone and gave me the phone. I thougt it was you that I was talking to. Wasn`t it You? ANOTHER Dear Mr. Yadav, I feel very sorry about all that. I thought I know most of the tricks of the people who work with tourists, but this man was very clever. I realy thought that you have annother customer and for this case you work with an office to make shure that I will get another driver. After the travell with the train we were tired and in that moment not very clever. Please write all your custerms when you want to meet them that they shall not go with other people.

Avoid and Don't belive them Please.

when you miss your Resiver on the Railway Station/Airport. Please Dial the number your self or check the number there you want to call or find Relaible Place to confrom for all details otherwise get a problem that is you never have been in your Dream"


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