Monday, September 24, 2007

Video: Iranian President's Visit to Columbia University NY

This website is called Climate Change Action. I believe that every post up until this point (several hundred) has been on climate change.

However in the past few weeks the language coming out of the US on relations with Iran has been disturbing. A war looks likely, or at least a distinct possibility. The UN secretary general just days ago warned of the increasing pace of escalation.

The last thing the world needs is another American led invasion in the middle east. This would be a regional disaster and may spread beyond the region. The consequences of having another issue bought on itself would be awful, not least in lost political capital on issues that really matter. Namely, climate change, extreme poverty, environmental degradation, health and global inequity.

This video bellow is of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking in New York today. I am no fan of this man or his regime. But i hope from watching this his western media charachature will be blown away. An i encourage you to read more about Iran, and particularly the non-proliferation treaty that allows all states to have nuclear energy programs and also states that currently nuclear nations should disarm.

This is not a legal issue, it is not even solely an issue of security (deals to address this have be turned down by the US despite European pressure) it is an issue of US hegemony in the middle east.

Do not let Iran become a second Iraq!

[Update] Coverage from independant media. Corporates are selling us another war.

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Climate Change Action

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At 11:26 AM, Blogger Jean Erasmus said...

Improving Climate Change is not on politicains' agenda. They are only using it to tax the tax-cows more and mor; riding on the wave of Climate Change in stead of finding a real solution by punishing us with more taxes.

I am not a fan of the Iranian regime either, but the eloquence and openness of this man is more than I can say of other 'legit' politicians.

This is another 'small' piece of evidence in the puzzle of the real agenda of western 'politicians' - make a villain, make people affraid of this villain, and then 'solve' this issue (the fear of the people) with war.

And why war? Because war makes money for the international banking cartel - lending money to the 'governments' at high interrest rates to 'pay' for the war. Check out the facts on the Federal Reserve, IRS and all other central banks and revenue services of the world - their origins, their links and their 'above the law' legislature - and soon the picture will unfold.

World governments (including the UN) has no plan to tackle the Climate Change issue. They only have a plan to create WWIII.

For cold hard evidence, visit and watch the full version of 911 mysteries on google...

God help us all, because we are too drugged by consumerism to help ourselves and our planet.

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that western politicians do make villians of people they do not understand and that war is often used as a tool for economic growth. However, do NOT let this man's eloquence with words overshadow the other messages he bares. Hitler was a master orator as well, but it didn't change the message.


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