Monday, October 01, 2007

Tidal Power in the UK: Severn Barage a green option?

The Sustainable Development Comission have just published there report on uk tidal power potential. A debate that has been underway for some looks like the Severn tidalĀ  project could be under way soon. What are the priorities in such a development, and how can we minimise the ecological impact?
The UK's extensive tidal resources have the potential to supply at least 10% of our electricity. A Severn Barrage alone could supply almost 5%.

But how do we balance our need for large quantities of secure, low carbon electricity with the impact on biodiversity and local communities? Is a publicly led and financed project the only way to protect habitats and ensure long-term success?

Our latest report examines in-depth the propositon for a Severn Barrage and also the possible application of tidal range, tidal stream and tidal lagoon technologies at other sites around the UK.

The Report:

Turning the Tide, Tidal Power in the UK.
BBC News Article:
Tidal power plan is'wrong option'.
New Statesman Article:
Green Part on Severn Barrage.

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