Saturday, November 10, 2007

Celsias Highlights

Celsias is perhaps the best climate change blog not specifically science focused, instead looking at policy and general climate news. A few recent highlights:

1. Link highlights.
  • US Cap and Trade Scheme passes Senate Sub-Committee.
  • Yet another group looking to set standards on carbon offsets has been formed.
  • Palm oil demand booming...very bad news for Indonesia's rainforests and stores of carbon in (currently) waterloged peat.
  • Action for Dec 8th national climate march encouraged by Guardian.
2. Bali Climate Conference.
  • Will we get a breakthrough in time to avoid the gap at the end of the Kyoto protocol period?
  • Will a simple principal emerge for climate justice? Contraction and Convergence would be nice.
  • Will the US play ball and give us a chance with India and China?
3. Oregon Getting it's Planning Bite Back.
  • Oregon is well known for its progressive planning policies such as growth boundaries around Portland. But these laws are no longer in comission..perhaps they will be won back and smart growth can begin again in ernest.
4. Biofuels are a crime against humanity.
  • Biofuels: an example of cure being worse than the disease? From huge deforestation, impacts on food prices and impacts of chemical treatments corn ethanol, biodesil and many first generation biofuels are hardly looking like an advance...or a green option.


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