Thursday, November 15, 2007

Environment Tops International Agenda for 2008

A series of interesting articles today from The Economist suggest that environmental challenges remain at the top of the agenda on the international stage. As i have said many times before these challenges are not going away, they are getting bigger, scarier and more urgent by the day. I couldn't agree more with Emma Duncan that it is time to end the Rhetoric and begin the action... i only wish that Nancy Pelosi would take this advice and do something serious about renewable energy!
Today sees the publication of the 22nd edition of The Economist’s annual compilation of predictions for the year to come, The World in 2008. The environment remains at the top of the international agenda and this is reflected in a number of articles in The World in 2008.

America will rise to the challenge of global warming, believes Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives
The speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, focuses on the role America will play in the fight against climate change. Arguing that global warming is a fact, not a theory, she calls for action in the coming year.

Time to move beyond rhetoric and get down to the details (Emma Duncan)
American (and Chinese) engagement is crucial for serious action on climate change, argues The Economist’s deputy editor, Emma Duncan, who says that it is time to move beyond rhetoric and get down to the details if any real progress is to be made in 2008.

The urge to get off oil—and to find more of the stuff (Gideon Rachman)
Gideon Rachman of the Financial Times argues that panic over global warming means that the world now faces two different sorts of energy anxiety. The first revolves around the familiar struggle for affordable fuel. The second concerns the battle to combat climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.


Climate Change Action

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