Saturday, November 03, 2007

Greenwash: they actually just painted the container green!

There has been a lot of noise about greenwash during the last year or two as the concept of 'green' has taken off.

Here is my own worst personal example:

The other day i was in a supermarket, i walked over to the print paper to see if they had a recycled option. I hoped they would, as supermarkets are somewhat copy cat like and another supermarket has just started offering suprisingly cheap recycled paper.

It looked good, a green box of five five hundered sheet reems. It was called eco-smart or something similar. Great. But, just to be on the safe side i looked for the recycled symbol. I looked on the base, on the lid, on the side...then on the base again, on the lid again and on the side: nothing to be seen!

This green box of eco-smart paper had precisly one environmentally positive atribute, it was 75 grams per sqaure meter not 80! You may contend that this is just them being cheap and calling themselves green. I would tend to agree.

So watch out for green coloured eco paper that isnt recycled.


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