Thursday, November 15, 2007

Guardian Urges Readers to Tread Lightly

The Guardian has long bean a prominent source of news for the 'Green' blogosphere and environmentally conscious citizens internationally. Recently it has just been getting better and better, or in other words, more and more activist-like. They have just started a website community called Tread Lightly in order to persue this more active take on climate change: a problem solver not just a problem reporter.

"Guardian Tread lightly is a new community site, which aims to encourage online communities into reducing their CO2 emissions through making weekly pledges and recording their actions against their pledges.

The idea is that every pledge is simple, straightforward, and something that everyone can do, so that people who are normally put off doing environmental things because it sounds like a lot of effort will find Tread Lightly a good solution to easing their carbon conscience."

Climate Change Action

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