Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fossil of the Day: the most 'exact opposite of prestigous' award on the planet.

Fossil of the day award goes to Japan 1st and 2nd place and Japan joint 3rd place with Canada and the US. Japan won for its talk about a post-Kyoto deal which didnt include mandetory carbon caps. Canada came third for shoving the technology transfer into a talking shop rather than an implementation group. The US came joint 3rd for trying to push china and india toward rejecting carbon caps in order to make it's position: based on only getting involved if they accept caps, tennable! Seriously, you cant make this stuff up!

You may have heard about the Fossil Awards given at the United Nations Bali climate negotiations. A collaboration between a number of youth delegations and, the awards are given to nations whose delegates have obstructed progress during the course of the talks. Here's a first-hand account of the first daily Fossil Awards ceremony, when Canada won the infamous prize. Yesterday, Japan managed to win first, second and third place for threatening to pull out of the Kyoto protocol.

Fossil Awards, Bali Indonesia, December 4 2007 from stepitup on Vimeo.

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