Monday, December 10, 2007

Labour do something positive on climate change (shock!)

In what some are calling a suprise and others are calling 'strangely substantial' the UK's Labout govornment have made a move on climate change. This is noteworthy mainly due to it's non-rhetorical nature.

According to the IoS:
"Mr Hutton's announcement, which will be made at a conference in Berlin tomorrow, will identify sites in British waters for enough wind farms to produce 25 gigawatts (GW) of electricity by 2020, in addition to the 8GW already planned – enough to meet the needs of all the country's homes."
There is a error above, it is 25GW of capacity installed not 'electricity', electricity is measured in GWHrs. But we are all used to these mistakes. Amazing story none the less. The first real thing that Labout have done about climate change. Hopefully this will also put the breaks on the coal fired power plant going through planning in Kent.

There is one remaining barrier to installation: access to the national grid. Grid reform both financially and physically is a major long term challenge for the UK like many developed nations.
"So far two things have held them back: site identification and an assurance that the resulting installations will be connected to the national grid. This move removes the former."

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