Tuesday, January 15, 2008

National Security Threat of Climate Change : An Update

Climate blog's used to be a rarity (your reading one of the first) new ones are starting up all the time. DeSmog Blog, Celsias and SolveClimate come to mind.

SolveClimate has just posted an interesting article on US National Intelligence Advisor Mike McConnel. The interesting part was his response to a question on the threat of Al Qaeda.

Asked weather he believes that Al Qaeda is the greatest threat that the US faces he said:

"No, no, no, not at all. Terrorism can kill a lot of people, but it can't
fundamentally challenge the ability of the nation to exist. Fascism could have done that. Communism could have. I think our issue going forward is more engagement with the world in terms of keeping it on a reasonable path, so another ism doesn't come along and drive it to one extreme or another.

And we have to have some balance in terms of equitable distribution of
wealth, containment of contagious disease, access to energy supplies, and
development of free markets. There are national security ramifications to global warming."

  • I have written on security and climate change several times before here.

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