Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nuclear power; what an awful answer.

Someone somewhere has a question to which the answer is nuclear power. That question is not "name a useful solution to climate change".

I`ve posted a few times about nucelar power on this blog, perhaps i shouldnt have. This is meant to be a climate change blog. However, a lot of people seem to be pushing this problem as a solution.

The cost of this problem is futher highlighted in a recent article, after reading that perhaps you can answer the question as to why exactly we are looking at this old and costly technology at the same time as renewable energies are growing in diversity and diminishing in price.

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At 8:01 PM, Blogger RobertP said...

Globally, nuclear power capacity grew by under 2GW in 2007 - three new stations opened in Romania, China and India. Whereas wind capacity grew by ten times as much. I think the numbers make the case.


At 8:18 PM, Blogger RobertP said...

But John Hutton knows better...

(press release from DBERR today announcing the criteria to be used for assessing sites for new nuclear power stations in England and Wales, and starting another consultation)

"Nuclear power is an essential part of our future energy mix. And, alongside a ten fold increase in renewables and investment in clean coal technology, it will help wean us off our dependency on oil and protect us against the politicisation of energy supplies.

"So, we must do everything we can to remove any remaining barriers and open up the UK as the most attractive place in the world to invest in nuclear power.


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