Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Generation gap

The Government are trying to spin Kingsnorth and the myth of clean coal as a matter of keeping the lights on. Perhaps they are pre-occupied with the conundrum of what damage a toothless government might do to itself should it ever decide to bite the bullet

What if 'the lights went out' and nobody noticed?
Hoards of brave men and women are amassing at Climate Camp for a bit of police harassment. The police harassing the people, that is, let's be clear. Never before have so many "people like us" decided they must go, whoever the "us" may be. Not the usual suspects at all (officer.)
Even left and right unite. But the 'overactive policing' tactics will backfire. The fear factor is only increasing the resolve to attend.
This is a good thing. At this point in history anyone can see (even without the lights on) that fossil carbon is best left undisturbed.
A nice little twist, mostly overlooked, is that the thousands at the camp who consider the climate crisis far more vital than the dratted "lights
going out" will all be fine this week, in the event of a power cut! The camp is crammed full of renewable energy sufficiency. Perhaps it is the camp technology that 'those in power and addicted to it' wish to confiscate.
(Dave Hampton - letter to the Independent))

If you create your own heat, electricity, food and water, then you
create your own politics. (Pete Myers)

Climate Change Action

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