Wednesday, September 17, 2008

European Social Forum Gets Underway: Four Influential Authors

Just a few days ago i finished a book called "Anti-Capitalism". The title really should have been Alter-Globalization because it was a chronology of a global movement against so called neo-liberal economic policies. I have known people who are involved in this movement for some time, but i have been only marginally interested. After my reading however I was keen to find out more about how the movement is developing and how i could get involved. The best place to get involved is probably the World Social Forum (wikipedia), but that is in southamerica and i`d rather not fly. The second most obvious place for a european would be the regional European Social Forum. It turns out that this starts today! So i was a bit late.

I`ve reading a few books on the alter-globalisation (anti-globalisation) movement and a couple of names that keep reapearing are Susan George (recent book) of the Transnational Institute and Walden Bello (recent book) of Global South. In the UK a couple of other names George Monbiot (recent book) and Naomi Klien (recent book) are more well known due to thier best selling books; i love both of these authors but there roles seem to be more in terms of publicising the movement although neither of them are simply communicators.

The internet being brillian as always makes learning the basics of the movement remarkably easy:

Susan George:

Walden Bello:

Naomi Klien:

George Monbiot:

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