Friday, September 26, 2008

New Report: Building the Climate Movement

The Change Agency have just completed and published the results of two year research project: Building the Climate Movement Online (PDF). 200 activists were surveyed and they've just put the report up on their website. This report is a first of its kind, a really useful tool for climate activists.

Building the climate movement | Action research project

Climate change is high on the agenda for most environmental and social justice non-government organisations in Australia. Increasing community awareness and political traction present important opportunities to campaign for impact. What kind of social movement will be necessary to bring about a climate-conscious society and avoid dangerous climate change? How will this movement be built and sustained? What will it take?

Our team initiated this action research project in 2006 to:

strengthen the Australian climate movement draw lessons and insights from climate change organising since the 1980s facilitate dialogue, reflection and relationship building
bridge the gaps between grassroots and NGO activists, between environmentalists and other citizens concerned about climate change, and between the rebels, reformers, citizens and change agents in this crucial people's movement.

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Climate Change Action

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