Friday, September 26, 2008

UK Opposes inclusion of Aviation in EU ETS

Don't worry about aviation expansion--it will account for the entire uk carbon budget by 2050 but it's ok we will use the EU emissions trading scheme. Only we won't according to the BBC the govornment aren't even willing to pay off other members of the EU for our polluting ways. In 2008 the UK Labor Govornment has a policy of 'lets not think or--god forbid--talk about aviation. Surely it will go dissapear from the minds of the great british public just like Douglas Adam's idea of an SEP (someone elses probelem).

The spectacular thing is that i've heard Hillary Benn strongly advocating for this measure...what the hell is going on? Ok,we are working in the old paradigme where climate change isn't the greatest threat to civilisation but a quaint little environmental issue about polar bears and fluffy animals and trees...who care, right?

The best bit is the 'expectation' that aviation will gain 20% of its fuel from renewable energy know, like corn ethanol, you know, the very thing that started the global food crisis, we need to give that policy wings!

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At 2:21 AM, Blogger Marty Kurtovich said...

non-food based biofuels will be the only way aviation can address its significant global footprint. In California, Arnold is going to impact the global aviation industry the same way California has changed the American auto industry.


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